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Programme, spring 2019

Dear Members 

Most welcome to the events planned for our Spring Programme 2019.

The Society’s centennial is now upon us and a splendid  celebratory year lays ahead.


 Wednesday 27nd February, 27th March, 24th April & 22nd May at 6 pm. 

Valhallavägen 104.

 Welcome again to the Society’s now-regular ‘last Wednesday-of-the-month-Evenings’. 

There will be drinks and bits to eat and Society Council members to meet you. 

We meet for a chat and exchanges of ideas in our “Pub” - the Swe-Brit Arms. 

Refreshments are at give-away prices. Owing to the possible shortage of space, 

please confirm that you’re coming, to
08-678 73 33 or by email [email protected]  

not later than 16th February, 24th March, 21st April & 26th May, respectively. 

Welcome ! 

Strandvägen 5
A study visit to svenskt Tenn including a guided tour 

including a presentation of the key artists that supplied ideas 

for this successful venture – Carl, Malmsten, Estrid Eriksson and Josef Frank

 planned for the month of April. 

The date and the final cost remains to be determined.

 Please consult the Society's telephone: 08-6787333 for more information.


Saturday 25th May, at 8.30 am.

We will meet at Stadshuskajen where a steamship will take us to 

Stockholms accessory Royal Palace - 

Drottningholms slott with its surrounding parks. 

A guide will take us through the accessible parts of the castle and the renowned 

18th century Theatre

 which is still in operation using its original stage equipment. 

After the tour lunch will be served at the adjacent inn (Drottningholms värdshus) .

After lunch there will be some free time to stroll in the parks. 

Finally there will be a chartered bus

 that will take us back to Valhallavägen 157, (T-Station Karlaplan-exit Tessinparken), 

where we expect to arrive around 5 pm..

Please join us for this full day tour .
The cost of the excursion is 750:- for members, 800:- for non-members (plusgiro 3424-9), 

and includes a boat trip, chartered bus, guided tours, lunch and drinks. 

Early bookings are recommended and should be made 

not later than 10th May to 08-678 73 33 or by e-mail [email protected] 

A warm welcome ! 


Sunday 9th June, at 3 pm.
The Swedish-British Society’s ‘garden’ Valhallavägen 104.
Once again we will be mingling to the clink of champagne glasses in the oasis of 

Valhallavägen 104. 

Tea, sandwiches, scones, cakes, strawberries and cream will be served.
There will be a number of surprises to commemorate our 100th anniversary

 including some novel competitions.

So by all means dress up ladies and gentlemen.
R.S.V.P. by 26th May, please, to 08-6787333 or by e-mail [email protected] 

Members 325:-, non-members 375:- (plusgiro 3424-9) 


Sunday 9th June, at 3 pm.

The Swedish-British Society’s ‘garden’ Valhallavägen 104
The Annual General meeting will precede the garden Party. 

An agenda will be posted on the homepage not later that 15th April.

Important information

In an effort to economize, the Council of The Swedish-British Society 

has decided that the Programme 2019

 as far as possible, will distributed to the Society Members via e-mail.
The programme will also be presented on our web page.

If you have not already shared your e-mail address with our Secretary,

 please do so by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Furthermore, we will not be sending out Membership Cards this year,

 nor plusgiro forms for payment of membership fees.

 We ask you kindly to pay your annual fee to the Society’s plusgiro 3424-9 or bankgiro 5465-5386.

Please do not forget to indicate your name on the payment !

To make sure not to miss out on special news and information about events, 

please send us your e-mail address and we will keep you updated. 

Many thanks! 



The Agatha Christie Club will meet 2-3 times during the spring. 

Members of the Club will continue to discuss and analyze Christie’s books and films

 based on her books. Refreshments will be served for a small contribution.
If you want to join the club, please send an e-mail to
[email protected] 

THE ANGLICAN EPISCOPAL CHURCH - Dag Hammarskjölds väg 14, tel. 08-663 82 48.

 E-mail: [email protected] 

Sunday school and worship every Sunday at 11a.m.

OUR LIBRARY - contains interesting books on history, biographies, royalty,

 as well as fiction, crime and detective stories, etc. 

Please call the office at 08-678 73 33 

if you would like to visit or borrow some books.

A PIN - nicely designed, symbolizing the Swedish-British Society

 is available to members

 at 80:- (for one) and 150:- (for two). 

It can be obtained at events or ordered at 08-678 73 33.

Annual Fee: 250:- (125:- after 1 July). Annual Fee Couples: 350:- (175:- after 1 July). 

Under 25 years of age: 100:- Entrance Fee: 100:- all new members

Life Membership: 2.500:-

Valhallavägen 104 

114 41 Stockholm

Plusgiro: 3424-9 Bankgiro: 5465-5386

Tel. 08-678 73 33. E-mail: [email protected]