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the Swedish British Society in Stockholm


                                         Adopted at the Constituent Meeting on the 11th November 1919.                                                                       

Last revised at the Annual General Meeting of the 25th May 1992.



The aim of the Swedish-British Society is to further cultural relations between Sweden and Great Britain and through its activities to encourage the exchange of ideas by

  1. spreading in the one country knowledge of the other country’s language, literature, art, social life, history, industrial and economic conditions, customs and other forms of culture by means of lectures, discussions, the distribution of literature both in original language and in translation, by procuring collections of books and periodicals, by organizing exhibitions, etc.

  2. affording citizens of the one country facilities for travelling and studying in the other country and giving them an opportunity of entering into the social life of Sweden.

  3. furthering the aims of the Society in other ways.

In these activities the Society co-operates with the Anglo-Swedish Society in London and with other Societies of the same kind.



The Members of the Society may be either private persons or organizations. Private persons may be either Annual Members or Life Members. Organizations may join as Supporting Members.

Applications for membership should be sent to the Council, which is empowered to make a decision thereon. The Council may authorize one or more of its members to act on its behalf in this matter. Guests are admitted to the meetings in accordance with the decisions of the Council.

The Council may exclude a member from the Society, should there be any special reason for doing so, provided that two-thirds of all the members of the Council are in agreement with the decision.

Honorary Members, recommended by the Council, are elected at a General Meeting.



Annual Members pay their membership to the Society before the end of January. The membership fee, proposed by the Council, is approved by the Annual General Meeting. The fee, rounded off to the nearest 5 kr., is then calculated for the following categories of Member.

  1. Member who will not reach the age of 25 during the calendar year, to half the ordinary fee.

  2. Member who joins during the second half of the calendar year, to half the fee that should otherwise be charged.

  3. Life Members to 10 times the ordinary fee (non-recurring fee).

  4. Supporting Members to a certain minimum fee.

When joining the Society, new Members pay an entrance fee, corresponding to half the annual fee for the Member in question

The Council may in special circumstances grant reduction of membership fees or issue free membership cards and they may also decide the cost of entrance tickets to different meetings arranged by the Society.

Honorary Members do not pay any membership fee.

Any Member who has not notified the Society of his/her resignation before the 1st December will be regarded as a Member for the ensuing year. Any Member who, in spite of two reminders, has not paid his/her membership fee for the current year shall be deemed to have resigned from the Society.



The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held during the first part of the year. Between the Annual General Meetings the Society shall meet on social occasions or to deal with its affairs. At the request of at least 10 Members of the Society, the Council shall call a meeting for any specific purpose.



In regard to the Annual General Meeting, notices shall be issued by the Council at least two weeks before the date decided upon. Notices shall include the agenda of the meeting.

The following items shall be discussed at the Annual General Meeting:                                                                  the Council’s and Auditors’ Reports for the past year, the question of discharging the Council Members from liability, the election of New Members to the Council and appointment of Auditors, Deputy Auditors and Members of Nominations Committee. Decisions regarding amendments to these rules or the dissolution of the Society must be confirmed by resolutions adopted at two successive meetings, one of which must be the Annual General Meeting.

In addition to the above, only the items mentioned in the notice may be discussed at a meeting unless a majority of two-thirds of the Members present decides otherwise.

Otherwise, decisions may be passed by a simple majority, except on questions concerning amendments to these rules or the dissolution of the Society, in which case a majority of two-thirds of the Members present is required.



The affairs of the Society are managed by a Council which shall consist of not less than 9 and not more than 21 Members, of these, there shall be one President, at least two Vice-Presidents, one of whom should be of Swedish and one of British nationality, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer and two Masters of Ceremonies, one of whom should be of Swedish and one of British nationality. The President and the Vice-Presidents are elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Council shall appoint from among its own Members an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer and the Masters of Ceremonies. Members of the Council are elected for a period of three years. The election of Members to the Council should be prepared by a Nominations Committee, consisting of three Members from the Society.

The officers of the Society are eligible for re-election, retirement is obligatory for the other Members of the Council. However, a retirement Member of the Council is re-eligible after one year. New Members of the Council are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Should a vacancy occur between the Annual General Meetings, the Council may appoint a temporary Member for a period up to the next Annual General Meeting. In addition, the Council may appoint a further Member for one year at a time. A Member thus elected is eligible for re-election without restriction. The period of a year is reckoned from one Annual General Meeting to the next.

Except when the question arises of excluding a Member of the Society under §2, a quorum is present when at least five Members attend a Council Meeting. The Council shall meet as often as required, but not less than four times a year.



The Council may engage one or more Assistant Secretaries, who, if the Council so decides, may take part in its discussions but shall not be entitle to vote.     



There shall be two Auditors and two Deputy Auditors. The Council shall present to the Auditors its Report of the Society’s Accounts for the past calendar year not later than the 15th March.

The Auditors’ report shall be available to the Members of the Society at least ten days before the day fixed for the Annual General Meeting.



The Council meets in Stockholm where the Annual General Meeting is also held.



In the event of the dissolution of the Society, its assets are to be realized and the proceeds donated for charitable purposes.


Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf, later King Gustaf VI Adolf (1882-1973).

Meet & greet, August 2019

H.E. Ms. Judith Gough, British Ambassador to Sweden, at our Centennial Banquet 2019

Lilla Musikaliska, musical ensemble,entertaining 

at our Garden Party, 2018

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