The Swedish British Society

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Welcome to the Swedish British Society

The Society was founded on 13th November 1919 at the instigation of Crown Prince Gustav Adolf. Archbishop Nathan Söderblom was elected President and Marcus Wallenberg Vice-president. 

Crown Prince Gustav Adolf and Crown Princess Margareta (a grand-daughter of the English Queen Victoria), agreed to become Patrons. They both took a keen interest in the Society but, sadly, Crown Princess Margareta died in 1920. 

When the Crown Prince remarried in 1923, it was to another Englishwoman, Lady Louise Mountbatten, who continued to take a kindly interest in the Society until her death in 1965.

The Society’s aims were the furtherance of Swedish-British contact and cultural activities, and in addition to purely social occasions, lectures by distinguished visitors, amateur theatricals and exchanges of schoolchildren were regular features of the programme between the wars. 

Conversation classes were held from en early date, and there were lunches and bridge evenings. 

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17th October, 6.00 p.m.

Valhallavägen 104

The popularity of our film evenings continues. Society member and Bond aficionado

 Björn Gävert will present the now-classic James Bond film “Goldfinger”. 

Björn has been interested in James Bond ever since his father

 took him to see the film when he was seven (1974). 

In 1989 he attended the TV quiz show "Kvitt eller Dubbelt" on the same subject. 

“Goldfinger” was released in 1964 and became a huge success, the third Bond film with Sean Connery as Bond. 

“Goldfinger” is still, after 24 films in nearly 60 years, considered one of the best Bond films ever.

 Many will remember Oddjob and his lethal bowler hat. 

There’ll be sparkling wine and canapés before the film; popcorn and sweets during, and tea in the break.

The price for this sparkling  evening is  140:-, to be paid to PG.3424-9 or Swish: 1235094222.

To book call: 08-6787333 or mail to: [email protected]

Meet & greet, August 2019


Crayfishparty at our office,  September 2019


Lilla Musikaliska, at our Garden Party, 2018