Welcome to the Swedish British Society

The Society was founded on 13th November 1919 at the instigation of 

Crown Prince Gustav Adolf. Archbishop Nathan Söderblom was elected as the first ever President and Marcus Wallenberg became Vice President.

Crown Prince Gustav Adolf, who later became King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden, and Crown Princess Margareta (granddaughter of English Queen Victoria), became Patrons. They both took a keen interest in the Society but, sadly, Crown Princess Margareta died in 1920. 

When the Crown Prince remarried in 1923, it was to another Englishwoman, Lady Louise Mountbatten, who continued to take a kindly interest in the Society until her death in 1965.

The Society’s aims were the furtherance of Swedish-British contacts and cultural activities, and in addition to purely social occasions, lectures by distinguished visitors, amateur theatricals and exchanges of schoolchildren were regular features of the programmes between the wars. 

Conversation classes were held from en early date, and there were lunches and bridge evenings.

To learn more about us, please go to a Brief history


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all of our "real"  events are on hold. 

We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority 

( Folkhälsomyndigheten.)

If you have any questions, please contact our office: 08-6787333, or [email protected]


Next online event 


Wednesday 24th February 6 pm, online

Members “meet” for discussion and conversation, with optional drinks in hand. Council members are there to share your ideas with. Due to the ongoing pandemic in the world these Society evenings will be held on Zoom, with an update from the Council and breakout rooms to facilitate more genuine feeling of a Society evening. Confirm that you’re coming, to 08-678 73 33 or by email to [email protected] a few days before the event to get a link to the event.


On 27th January 2021 a Meet & greet was held on Zoom 

A huge thank you to soprano Emilia Utter who entertained us.

Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf, later King Gustaf VI Adolf (1882-1973).

Meet & greet, August 2019

H.E. Ms. Judith Gough, British Ambassador to Sweden, at our Centennial Banquet 2019

Lilla Musikaliska, musical ensemble,entertaining 

at our Garden Party, 2018

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