The Swedish British Society

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Welcome to the Swedish British Society

Anglo-Swedish friendship goes back along time. King Erik XIV proposed to Queen Elisabeth in 1565, with a firm intent to merge two aspiring powers in Europe. The proposal was rejected, but nevertheless nearly 100 years later, Oliver Cromwell sent his emissary Sir Bulstrode Whitlocke to Queen Christina´s court in Uppsala when the first bilateral trade- and friendship treaty was signed.

The Swedish British Society was founded in 1919 on the initiative of Crown Prince Gustav Adolf and Crown Princess Margareta, Duchess of Connaught, who recognised the need for improved relations between the two countries. The Society´s first president was Archbishop Nathan Söderblom and the first council consisted of 24 leading representatives of key sectors in post-war Swedish society. Since that day the Society has strived to tighten the cultural bonds between Sweden and United Kingdom. Recent turbulence on the European scene has made it all the more important for the society to contribute to a broad cultural exchange in order to maintain the good relations between the two countries.

For the modest sum of 250 SwCr per annum (350 for couples) you can become a member and support this cause. As a member you will be offered a variety of activities including lectures, study visits, seminars as well as a chance to attend our monthly informal pub evenings. Finally the Society organises two formal events per year – a spring dinner in april and a St Andrews ball in november. On both occasions the Society has had a good track record in attracting interesting after dinner speakers.

On behalf of the council I wish you most cordially welcome to the Swedish British Society.

Wilhelm Engström


The Society wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Welcome back  in 2019, and to our jubilee celebrations throughout the year.

Christmas lunch, 9 December, 2018


The Society´s Office, 2018


Centennial countdown 3, 2018


Lilla Musikaliska, at our Garden Party, 2018